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Core Concepts Whiskey River Hybrid Shirt

I will admit that I am not the most fashion aware individual especially considering the majority of my wardrobe consists of either thrift store specials or technical wear. Fortunately Core Concepts has managed to dial in a great shirt that is both technical (nylon and polyester construction) and fashionable. In fact it is so stylish that for the first time in recent memory I am getting compliments on my style. BAM!

Now for the down and dirty

MATERIALS: 100% Nylon face (DWR treated), 100% Polyester liner 


MSRP: $89

I just wrote this review and then promptly erased it all after reading the description on the Core Concepts site. They nailed it for me…which is rare because most info blurbs are meant to sell a product and more than likely filled with some bogus claims and other nonsense. But with Core Concepts I have to agree with them whole heartedly. Here is their message with the last two lines hitting the mark:

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Not anymore. The Whiskey River Hybrid is the most capable shirt ever. The cool retro styling may be the first thing you see, but the wind and water resistant nylon face is hiding a bonded lightweight polyester lining inside that wicks and breathes for stylish comfort. Take it from the mountain to the river to the pub. Meet your new favorite shirt.

I mean come on, "from the mountain to the river to the pub"…they were speaking to US!!! So yeah I really dig the shirt…and at $89 is in line with technical wear or as my wife said "style pricing". But for me this is easily 3 or 4 shirts in one. It is at just home in the woods, at the crag, on a bike ride or yep at the pub! It does fit a bit snug for me around the chest and upper arms (I should have moved up to a large from my normal medium). Another bonus is that after a few trips and with it being stuffed in a pack and shoved here and there it seems to not wrinkle. Not sure if I have just gotten lucky with it or if this was a result of the materials used but I have yet to really notice any appreciable wrinkling. Dirtbagging never looked so good!

 The Whiskey River hybrid is a outdoorsman's stylish, pearl snap buttoned, comfortable shirt that comes in 3 different colors and is ready to take what you can dish out thanks to its DWR coated fabric.

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