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Crabby Neighbor

SIZE: 500 ml
ABV: 4.3%

 We had been lacking on snow here in Colorado Springs lately. When the first good snow came, I was pretty excited. Especially since I had just purchased cross country skis and was ready for a new workout. I set out first thing that morning and braved the zero-degree weather (not for long) and did a couple spins around the neighborhood park. It was ironic to me, as I had seen ski tracks in our park before and thought it was a little odd. Well it sure felt a little odd as well, skiing around in a busy downtown park with my dog running along side… but oh well.

As my mind wandered, I starting thinking about how our house is the only one on the block with a six foot privacy fence. Also how everybody kinda knows each other and I’m living in my little bubble. Made me wonder if I was a bad neighbor. Then I drifted off a rabbit hole of that, and I started thinking about a cider we had in our fridge called Crabby Neighbor. I knew that had to become my apres beverage, as it was too fitting for my daydreaming.

When I got home I cracked a lunch time beverage from Denver’s Stem Ciders called Crabby Neighbor. Stem is doing really cool things, with anything from barrel aged ciders, to dry hopped ciders, among other solid ciders and more experimentation. Crabby Neighbor is fermented Granny Smith apples and Crab apples. We have a Crab apple tree and I’ve always thought they wouldn’t do too well in a cider because they are so tart. Well I was wrong.

This cider is refreshing and tart. That is the best way to describe it for me. It pours nearly clear with a light yellow. It has a tart aroma that smells like the apples that it was made with. This bottle was very clean, just had green apples on the nose but tart, not in the jolly rancher way. It had a quick carbonation that fizzles a little with every sip. The flavor is simple (in a good way), with just the right amount of tartness, sour apples, and ending with a clean finish. This is a great every day drinking cider from Stem.

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