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Crank Yanker


After channeling my inner Edward Abbey in Moab, UT. and Arches National Park last week a good beer is exactly what I needed. Sitting down at the computer now to check my schedule and plan more trips I noticed a lot going on in, and around Buena Vista this Spring and Summer. Which means I'll be visiting the Eddy Line Pub and Brewery a lot this Summer. 

Crank Yanker IPA is just one of the many awesome beers you'll find from Eddy Line Brewery. Sticking with the theme of outdoor loving beers the Crank Yanker is Eddy Line's way of paying homage to the cyclist. This crisp IPA goes down smooth and is very refreshing after a long day of play. It pours to a dark amber color with a foamy head. The lacing clings to the glass nicely, but isn't too sticky. I feel it drinks with a moderate bitterness in comparison to most IPAs (I think this is a good thing). It has a light mouthfeel and an initial citrus taste. This bad boy has an ABV of 7.5% and if you're at the Eddy Line Restaurant it pairs awesomely with the Brown's Canyon Pizza!  

Eddy Line Brewery is up and running in Buena Vista CO. in two locations. One is the restaurant located in "The Village" of Buena Vista just off the west bank of the Arkansas River. The other is the actual brewery off Hwy 24 as you drive through town. There is also an original location still operating strong in Soccoro, NM. 




16 oz. cans!!!

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