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Crescent Moon Ranch, Sedona, AZ.


Sedona, AZ. has always been a place of intrigue, mystery, and lore. The area is said to be one of healing powers, energy vortexes (vorteces), and a hot spot for Extra Terrestrial visitations. None the less it's a special place, where people from all around the world travel to, to experience it's legendary powers.

Crescent Moon Ranch (part of the Coconino National Forest) is located on the Southwest side of Sedona, one of the last turns you can make before you leave the town. You enter a beautiful green park at the bottom of the hill where you catch back up to Oak Creek, with Cathedral Rock (pictured above) towering over it. The ranch opens to a beautiful green meadow with a historic building on the grounds. It is a pay entry, but well worth it. 

The true adventure though is leaving the park boundaries and walking North along the Oak Creek Trail. This path leads you to a trail a long Oak Creek lush with flora where beautiful Cherry Blossoms were in bloom.

Further down the trail we (my dog and I) hit the first significant spot. A large clearing where the path under our feet now turned to large open area of Sandstone. This is where Energy Vortexes are located and many gather to feel it's powers and I was told it is a very popular spot for yoga as well. I'm not sure what to tell you I felt here. It was a beautiful day and warm out, I was happy. Suddenly across the creek three of the largest havalina I've ever seen came out for a drink of water. Coheed figured it was a good place too.

A few yards further away the trail reappears and leads you to Buddhist Beach. Buddhist Beach is a garden of rock cairns. Much like a wishing well, many come here to make an offering by stacking rocks and in return hope for prayers to be answered. I enjoyed this spot a lot. It was just something neat and out of the norm, but then again nothing was normal about Sedona. 

If you find yourself in Sedona, AZ. there is much to enjoy, and if you have the chance to visit Crescent Moon Ranch I would highly recommend it. The trail leaving the ranch running along Oak Creek is only about a mile and a very easy hike on a well maintained trail.



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