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Dark Hollow

SIZE: 12.7 oz
ABV: 10%

Dank, musty, and black as sin, this beer set me back on my heels a bit. As an Imperial Stout that has been aged in Bourbon barrels I should have known what I was in for with this 10% beer! The beer pours dark and thick with a caramel head made up of countless creamy bubbles that literally paint the sides of the glass with lacing. I have been sitting on this beer for a few months trying to find the perfect time to sit down and enjoy it, fortunately that night is tonight, but I still am not sure I was fully prepared for this beer. The overwhelmingly thick nose teasing at vanilla, plums, rich sweet malts and the hint of char from the Bourbon barrels it was aged in. This beer lives up to it’s name and takes me to a place seldom found in Colorado, a place where things are timeless and in a constant state of decay much like it’s home of Nelson County, Virginia. Blue Mountain Brewery has crafted an amazingly complex and wildly rich Imperial Stout that sits among the greats not only for its character but also for it’s ability to mix the flavors so well. This profile surely has come from the 100 days this beer spent breathing through the charred American Oak bourbon barrels as it aged. If you are looking for a complex hearty Imperial Stout then this beer should be on your short list!

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