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Deviant Dale’s IPA


I didn't know CNN was rating beers these days, but I saw Deviant Dale's IPA at one of the local shops today with a top 5 non-girliest beers (or manliest?) sticker next to it. Hmm, since everything I've ever heard from CNN has always been 100% factual I figured I better try this one!      

On the pour the body was an orange-copper tone with a fluffy off-white head. A soft floral aroma nips at your nostrils as you take your first drink. The mouth feel is full and clean, not overly carbonated but a nice full feel. There's a noticeable tastes of citrus, pine, caramel, and different hop blends. The Deviant's a dry IPA with a hoppy bite. Not too much bite though, and the finish is a medium feel on the sharpness. With an ABV of 8.0% coming at you in 16 oz cans it's an IPA that can catch up to you quick. Maybe a 4 pack at a time is a good way to go, or better yet split in half and enjoy a couple with a friend. 

I'm not sure how much faith I want to put in to any major news network rating my beer, but I'm a believer in Oskar Blues.  




16 oz.

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