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Devils Head Red Ale


Beer. You know with these weekly beer reviews the most difficult part is figuring out the first word. And I think I won the battle with the one I chose for this solid red ale from Pike’s Peak Brewing Company. Devil’s Head Red is named after an awesome little lookout hike outside of Monument, Colorado which takes you up to the fire look out atop of, yep, you guessed it Devils Head!

Used as a lookout since 1912 and is one of the few remaining continuously operated lookouts in Colorado! Fun fact: Devils Head also employed the first female lookout in the country in 1919.

Back to the beer, this red ale has an intriguing flavor profile that teases you a bit with hops and then quickly folds into a thick malt that has some amazing characteristics that it is hard to nail down, I can say that I get a hint of sweetness which comes across as a rich caramel, and perhaps a bit of earthy yeast sailing through the crisp citrus bite. What I can say is that this beer is both refreshing and welcoming, but don’t let the ease of drinking one lead you astray, this 7.3% ABV ale is not playing games! Even though I am drinking this as the temperatures start to drop back near the single digits, I can say that this would rate high on my post hike, ride, climb days during the blazing hot summer days! And that is exactly the reason that we will be offering this 16oz can of love at our soon to be open pub, the Ute and Yeti!

Until we get things rocking and rolling at the pub, be sure to check out this refreshing ale at local shops, and I expect to hear your thought on this one!


4 pack

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