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Another beautiful Sunday here in Colorado Springs. Although we really need the snow I hope everyone here is getting out and taking advantage of this warm weathering one form or another. It's also the third Sunday of the month, which means UpaDowna led a local family friendly hike here in town. This week we hiked the Mt. Cutler Trail in North Cheyenne Canon. We had about twenty people come out and the conditions couldn't have been better. Now home and planning future trips for more Sunday Adventures and backpacking I'm feeling the need for a tasty beer.

Digging into some work, has me digging into a beer or two. Which I found fitting since New Belgium Brewing Company's latest seasonal release "Dig" just so happens to be sitting in our fridge.  Dig is a Pale Ale boasting that Spring is in the air! If you're here in Colorado then you too are most likely a believer of this. The Dig pours to a medium based copper body with a finger's width of a frothy off white head. A pleasant mixture of refreshing citric aromas linger from the pint. It has a bitter-sweet taste that is a little on the sweet side for a pale ale. You'll likely notice  a roasted follow with this one as well. The mouth-feel is thin and the drinkability is high with an ABV 5.6%. Pour it in a snifter to really let the aromas free and the taste grab you! 

Supposedly we have a storm unit heading our way late tonight. So, for all you locals that enjoyed another hint of Spring weather to come this way, put a cap on it with a Dig! It's going to get cold again very soon, so enjoy it!





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