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Ditch The Tent!

Are you possibly looking to shed a few quick pounds? Before we go any further I'll let you know that I am referring to pack weight and not a diet or workout. Well, here's a tip for you ditch the tent. Check the weather ahead of time to the location you will be visiting and if the forecast calls for it, sleep free under the stars! For some if not most of us, this means giving up the security of the tent. The tent isn't really all that secure anyway, but it does bring some ease to the mind and a sense of privacy. Learn to use natural features to your advantage like, boulders, trees, and drainage areas. These all make for great wind breaks in a pinch. This also provides a great opportunity for you to practice building and using debris shelters and such.

If ditching the tent is too big of a step for you start small. Trade the tent for a tarp or a smaller lighter shelter or even a bivy sack. As always tell someone where you are going and/or take a friend with you to share the adventure and expand your skills safely. 



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