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Dragon’s Milk Reserve Mint Mocha

SIZE: 12 oz
ABV: 11


It’s time for another Beer of the Week, and we’ve got a rare specialty for you today! The New Holland Brewing Dragon’s Milk Reserve, Mint Mocha Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout.

I haven’t had the opportunity to chat with these guys to get their story, but they are close to my hometown, so I’ll try to dig up their story the next time I head back to MI. In the meantime, let’s break down this beauty:

The foundation behind this flavorful creation is New Holland’s famous Dragon’s Milk. If you haven’t heard of Dragon’s Milk, it is a deliciously dark, chocolatey, and vanilla elixir that is known for its overall booze content. It is thick enough to leave dark drippy legs on your glass, and its ABV is high enough to warm the belly like a shot of whiskey. It is brewed with a hardy grouping of grains, chocolate malt, and caramel, then when the brewing is completed, its aged for a few months in bourbon barrels. Long-story-short, if you’re a fan of rich stouts, it a winter “must-have”.

The past few years they have been experimenting with some Reserve editions of the Dragons Milk, and I’ve had the pleasure of sampling all of them, but I only had the Mocha Mint left! It pours a dark opaque color and has a smell similar to a bottle of liquid Andes mints (if that were a thing). There are also hints of caramel, oak, and bourbon and they all make for a delightful experience. The deep chocolate flavor is complemented by a delightful mint tone, and the 11% alcohol content is obvious from the first bourbon-y sip.

Dragon’s Milk is a rare beer to find, and I’m not sure you can find it in Colorado, but New Holland distributes all over the country, so if you can get your hands on a 4-pack, you should give it try!

That wraps up our review for the week, so until next time, get out there and unleash your adventure!

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