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Drinkwel: LYTEshow

  • Size: 4 0z.
  • Serving Size: 3 ml
  • MSRP: $14.95

Beer pairing dinners, followed by merciless beat downs in Mrs. Pacman, leading to shots and more beer, lost cell phones, friends sleeping the night in their vehicles, and long walks home as the sun begins to rise, are a few pieces of last night. It was a great night, but reality comes crashing down hard and fast with a heavy head and a mean hangover. It doesn't have to be that bad though, meet LYTEshow from Drinkwel.  

The crew over at Drinkwel caught wind of UpaDowna some years back and have been helping us fight hangovers ever since. Recently Drinkwel released a new weapon in their on going war against hangovers, LYTEshow.

LYTEshow is rapid rehydration dietary supplement intended to replenish electrolytes and keep you hydrated. The LYTEshow is 4 oz. liquid concoction of magnesium, sodium, zinc, chloride, potassium, and sulfate. This mineral based product is intended to be an additive to water that should be consumed during the drinking period, or just before. Followed with an additional serving in the next morning. The morning serving is used to re-balance the bodies electrolyte levels. But this little hangover combatant goes further than just drinking.

The Drinkwel crew are a pretty active and healthy group themselves and through their own active lifestyles they noticed the benefits of LYTEshow for exercise as well. Simply add the LYTEshow to your water bottle and keep plugging away. It is completely beneficial in the boost and balance of electrolytes lost during strenuous training as well. 

Be it an amazing night out full of poor decision making that legendary stories come from, long trails and climbs that seem to never end, or hard workouts in the gym, Drinkwel's LYTEshow has what it takes to rapidly rehydrate the body and keep you going longer and stronger!

For more information on LYTEshow and other Drinkwel products, visit their website at



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