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Dry Dock Vanilla Porter


Dry Dock Brewing out of Aurora Colorado has quickly become a go to brewery for beer when the fridge needs stocking. One of my latest favorites coming from them is their take on the Vanilla Porter. 

The Vanilla Porter From Dry Dock pours with a rich dark brown body topped with a nice soft light tan head that quickly fades. Once the head vanishes a hint of things to come appear via the sticky lacing that is left clinging to glass. No further introduction is needed once you have the first drink, immediately you notice a blast of vanilla flavor almost over powering the rich malty body. The mouthfeel is very smooth and creamy with medium carbonation that does a nice job of adding to the over all profile of the beer. If anything I'd say the balance and feel are a little thick for a porter, but that rich body is how I like to imagine Vanilla Porters should really be. The aroma on this one stands alone compared to others. Vanilla spills out from the pour onward, filling the air around you with its sweet embrace. Deep in the body I also get hints of roasted malts and rich cocoa beans, but nothing compares to the power of the sweet vanilla beans. While there is nothing amazing about the ABV standing at a mild 5.4% but that just means I can drink more of these and enjoy them longer! And that is exactly what this one is all about anyway. 

I'd say this is one of the better Vanilla Porters I've ever had. If I'm ordering a Vanilla Porter in the first place, this is exactly what I want. A smooth body with a sweet taste. Dry Dock knocked this one out of the park with amazing flavor and smooth balance all around. 




22 oz.

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