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Easton Sundial S


  • MATERIALS: 70D ripstop poly
  • DIMENSIONS: Vertical- 7'/Horizontal- 3'6", floor space (29.5 sq.ft.)
  • WEIGHT: 1lb 14oz
  • MSRP: $99

This is a light weight, cool sun and wind shade that should be sold with a pair of high quality sun glasses.

Fun in the sun can no doubt get you fried quickly, while the warmth of that bright orange ball is often welcome, sometimes all you want or need is a bit of shade. Easton Mountain Products has come up with a nifty, light weight and easy to set up shade system that will give you a great bit of reprise from a hot summer day.

The Sundial is a shade system that comes in two sizes and is designed to be used in two separate configurations. Oriented either vertically or horizontally it can cover you or your small group with shade and light wind protection. Be aware that this is basically a kite and with any real wind this will take flight! In the vertical configuration the Sundial can be used to shade a belayer at the crag or some one that is cooking at a stove, horizontally this provide a quick shelter with enough coverage to cover 2 adults comfortably. 


Yes, it does it's job of blocking you from the sun's harmful UV rays but perhaps Easton should have chosen a more muted tone than what I call "Blinding Yellow". By using this color for a product designed to help you deal with bright sunny days you end up not able to escape the retina frying brightness, perhaps a muted earth tone would have worked better. Yes, it does shade you from 96% of UV rays, and a bit of wind which was the goal, so I guess it is a win-win.

There are really two stand out features of the Sundial that made a believer out of me; 1) it takes 2 minutes to set up and 2) it is super light and packable. These features honestly sold me on the Sundial and I can see it would have endless uses and to give credit the "blinding yellow" would make a great signal device!

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