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Easton Torrent 2p Tent


Easton is constantly impressing me with their well thought out design and excellent material choices, and their new Torrent tent is no exception.

  • MSRP: $450
  • Weight: 7lbs 9oz
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Floor Space: 35 sq ft
  • Interior Height: 41 inches

The Torrent is the latest and greatest from Easton Mountain Products and is a nice complement to their line as a 2 person 4 season tent. Built showcasing Easton's stout and light 7075 aluminum poles and what is fast becoming an industry leading creative design team, Easton has created a tent that is exceptional in adverse conditions.

Setting up the tent was simple and efficient and once the fly was on and guyed out this tent was immovable in sustained 50mph winds with 70mph gusts. Usually to gain true protection from winds such as those I endured you have a sleek fly with long sloping sides to cut the wind/face footprint. But the Torrent's fairly upright walls and a tall interior height makes this tent compact and somehow roomy at the same time while also providing bomber wind protection.

One thing I would like to point out is the confusion between 4 season tents and 4th season tents. Yes there is a difference although you probably have never heard of it. Most every tent on the market that is branded as a 4 season tent is only truly useful in the 4th season (winter) and possibly the shoulder seasons (early winter or early spring), during the other seasons the tent will not breathe well, is too stout and ultimately becomes a hot box. Fortunately the Easton Torrent seems to address those issues and may very well be a true 4 Season tent. Not only can you vent the tent with the two huge mesh zippered vents high on the interior walls, but also the dual opposing vestibules that allow a gentle breeze to carry through. 

In winter you can lock this thing down to a super tight pod that is virtually silent in heavy wind, and shows no impact from a bit of heavy snow. And for those hot summer nights, leave the tent body at home and set the Torrent up with the ground sheet, poles and rain fly and you're all set.  

One thing to think about, but not be deterred by, is the weight of this tent. The outdoor industry is so dialed on weight that often times a product is so light that it's durability is compromised. Now while the Torrent is just over 7.5lbs, it is a 2 person tent and meant to be divided up between the people in the party. It is also bomber protection from the elements and is roomy enough to hang out in should a rough patch of weather come through. I have heard plenty of gripes about weight on the trail, in fact I myself tend to lean towards the weight weenie mentality (but have yet to cut down my toothbrush), but for what you get I would happily carry a few more pounds without complaint. So if you're worried about the weight…toughen up buttercup, it's worth it!

One of the most over looked aspects of a tent are the stakes and personally I feel that Easton makes the best stakes. Every tent regardless of manufacturer should come with Easton stakes. They are stout, super light and all but impossible to bend…hmmm much like the Torrent. Man, I think these guys are on to something. 

As I said before, I dig Easton tents and this Torrent is really proof that Easton is taking the tent game seriously and produces a great product worthy of your money.

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