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Ecoths, Rucker Shirt


DESCRIPTION: Plaid style active/lifestyle button up long sleeved shirt
MATERIAL: Organic cotton
MSRP: $79.99

Let’s be honest, flannel and plaid style shirts go hand and hand with the outdoors. Now with that being said, when you find a good one that can double as a suitable shirt for just about any occasion, you know you have a winner, living in the 20% of clothes that you wear 80% of the time. That 20/80 rule goes into play with my new Ecoths Rucker Shirt! This plaid style button up is comfy and ready to go for anything, be it a nice night out on the town, or deep backcountry trails. At $79.99 I consider the Rucker to be a high priced item, but quality is quality and you get what you pay for. This shirt is as tough as it is comfy. Ecoths is a company on a mission, supporting regional food banks with 3 meals per every Ecoths garment sold. That right there makes me feel a lot better about the price. Just think of the difference it would make in the fight against world hunger if every company did something like this!


The Rucker is made of light and very comfortable 100% organic cotton. This shirt fits loose and breathes nicely, making it great for active wear. Snap buttons allow the shirt to be a quick fit, and I think it adds a little to it’s overall durability. Being a cotton based fabric I would consider this garment to be more of a lifestyle type wear, but it fits for camping and plays the part nicely.



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