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EcoVessel Triple Insulated Bottle – UpaDowna
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EcoVessel Triple Insulated Bottle

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Size: 17oz

MSRP: $22.95

Bold colors, slim design and multi-function cap make this one-of-a-kind insulated bottle stand out.

Tested to keep water cold up to 36 hours and retain heat for 12 hours, it can be used for liquids such as ice water, tea, coffee, and soup. The bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free, made from #304 stainless steel. EcoVessel is based out of Boulder, CO and strives to create products that are safe, sturdy, and sustainable.

After mourning the retirement of my most favorite and recent insulated mug, I thought it might be hard to move on. Then, I met the 17oz, triple insulated "Boulder" EcoVessel. This bottle has two options for drinking/filling as well as a removable mesh strainer for tea. A larger screw off cap allows enough space for ice cubes to go in.

A smaller screw cap on top provides easy drinking access through a plastic pour spout.

With insulated bottles, I'm always a little cautious when drinking a hot beverage. A good tip is to leave the drinking cap off for a few minutes to allow the drink to cool a bit. Due to the round drinking spout, I find it a bit harder to gauge the temperature of the hot beverage (usually coffee). Other lids usually feature a large plastic "lip" where the beverage can usually cool down before entering the mouth. I've burned my top lip and tongue about 3 times, partly to me being impatient and wanting to down my latte, but the other part in the design of the spout. For maximum heat retention/beverage enjoyment, I recommend using it as a thermos and pouring it into a cup before consuming. As far as sturdiness goes, I'm very happy with the durability, especially the plastic loop that is connected to the cap. I usually hold on to or clip that to things more so than hold the whole bottle or put it into a bag. It doesn't have the most mitten-friendly cap, maybe a little more traction for opening on both caps would help. I am also a little sad, because with normal wear and tear (back and forth to the office) the super cool glazed paint is scratching off. I can't imagine what it will look like when it actually goes on an adventure! Eh, at least it'll have some character!

Overall, I really enjoy this product, as it's become my go-to coffee mug in the morning!

Adventure On!


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