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EezyCut Trilobite Emergency Cutting Tool


Materials: 440 Replaceable Stainless Steel Blades

Dimensions: 3.66in x 1.42in x 0.32in

MSRP: $29.99

When I caught a glimpse of this cool tool at the Outdoor Retailer Demo Day, I was immediately attracted to the quick and easy application of the EezyCut Trilobite. The booth staffers were demonstrating the one-swipe cutting action and I was blown away.  This is a small and simple tool that can be carried safely on your belt or a backpack strap. It's mostly used as an E.C.T. or Emergency Cutting Tool which many activities from scuba diving to parachuting require. Think of it like a fire extinguisher, you don't plan on using it until you absolutely need it so having it in a planned and easy to access location is key.

The EezyCut features a smooth, sharp and almost effortless cutting action. With two cutting sides, it lasts longer then most E.C.T.s. The Trilobite is rated to cut line up to 8mm thick (but cuts a lot thicker) and can also cut through things like rope, webbing, or clothing and seatbelts in an emergency. Since the Trilobite is not an open-faced knife, it makes it safer to carry and use during adventures. The blades are essentially "covered" to make it safe for the person using it or for a passerby.

The Trilobite has a variety of pouches to choose from, a wrist, shoulder or harness pouch come with a Velcro patch where an easy-grab handle can be found. Unvelcroing the handle allows the blade to slide out of the pouch. It is also very easy to use even with gloves on.

EezyCut has noticed a trend when they demonstrate the cutting abilities of the Trilobite that they aptly named the "Wow" factor. I have been "wowed" as well and now carry this on all of my adventures!

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