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El Gose

SIZE: 12oz
PRICE:8.99/6 pack
ABV: 4.5%

There isn’t much that tastes better than a well earned beer. Whether that was a hard day at work, a celebration, or in this case an exhausting mountain bike ride, there’s something satisfying about it. I punished myself on a long ride (for me) and started my rehydration efforts with El Gose from Avery. Gose is a style of beer that originated in a small town in Germany. It is a cloudy, usually low ABV, salted, sometimes spiced, sour beer. I was curious when I had my first taste of the style but now it something that I seek out. They are usually super refreshing and have a lot going on for a small beer. Avery’s was no exception.

El Gose is unique from most with the addition of lime. I crushed a few in the can and then became more civilized and poured into a glass helping some of the flavors come out. The aroma has a sour saltiness to it, almost like the first smell of a margarita. The flavor follows that up with a light zesty sourness. The middle of the taste is where the lime comes to the front of the flavor for me. It tastes and smells like a very traditional Gose to me except for that part. It ends with a clean finish from the carbonation and an earthy aftertaste. This has definitely been one of my more favorite examples of the revived Gose style. I also really like the artwork on the can, well done Avery.

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