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Emergent IPA

ABV: 6.10%

What a fun day we had under the sun at Aspen Valley Ranch with a great bunch of friends! We did originally intend on going out there and having our annual snow day, but the weather had other things in store for us. No one seemed to mind the warm sun though. After taking care of business today, I found a nice quiet spot to reflect on the week and enjoy some suds.

This week’s BOTW is a new release from Boulder Beer, Emergent White IPA. Emergent pours to a hazy gold tone with a bright white head. Floral flavors fill the taste so strong that it completely takes over, but it’s not too harsh. It’s just the right balance of hops and notes to make the taste a perfect relaxing beer. I’m not usually one that’s a big fan of the floral brews, but this one truly hit the mark. There’s enough of the hop feel from the White IPA coming over that you don’t feel like you are drinking a soft beer. The Emergent is a light feel drink, but with tons of taste. A good carbonation feel, and a decently nice ABV of 6.10% round out the feel and strength of this beer smoothly. It was a perfect day for this beer. If you’re looking for a new warm weather beer to be a fan of, don’t shy away from this one.

Big thanks to my good buddy Derik G for the early hook up on this newbie!



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