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Epic Day

SIZE: 16oz.
PRICE:$14.49/6 pack
ABV: 10%


Buena Vista (BV) is becoming one of my favorite weekend getaway locations. Aside from the beautiful scenery, great fishing, and running trails, the growing number of breweries is a big bonus as well. A week or two back, I had the pleasure of joining my wife in BV as she was there for work, and I spent the day working from coffee shops and connecting with some great people.

One of those people was Brian England of Eddyline Brewing. Brian and his team at Eddyline have grown their operation from a small locally based brewery in 2009, to an organization with three locations (one in New Zealand) and distribution all across Colorado. There is more to their story, so be looking out for more of that later!

There is more to Eddyline’s story we’ll be diving into in a later post, but for now, that teaser will have to do, because it brings us to this week’s “Beer of the Weekend”: the Epic Day from Eddyline. Man, this beer was a real treat. A beautiful, deep golden color, the Epic Day creates a serious foam and has a good amount of carbonation. When you dive into the flavor, there is a definite orange or grapefruit citrus undertone in combination with a mellow, but punchy bitterness. There is also a clear malty tone to the profile which rounds out the beer nicely. Despite its high ABV (10%), this beer goes down smooth, and if you’re not too careful, quickly!

That wraps up this week’s Beer Of The Weekend, so until next time, be sure to get out there and unleash your adventure!

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