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EU Bans Iodine As A Means Of Water Disinfection

iodineWell folks I coulda told you this was coming! Apparently the European Union has decided to impose a ban on selling iodine as a means to kill little nasties in your water starting October 25th of this year. For years the CDC has been griping about iodine use simply because it is something that people might dose improperly or use for a prolonged time. Being one of the lightest means of disinfecting backcountry water it is no doubt going to be missed by campers in all 27 of the EU’s member states, what this does mean is that filter makers, UV sterilizers and all of the other companies have a new found opportunity to impress upon the ever growing hoards of hikers that their product is the best. Which hopefully leads to new advancements and ingenuity in product development as well as hopefully a price drdeficencyop across the board.

And you should also be aware that this could ultimately lead to the US banning it as well…unless of course this is seen as a position of weakness to which the US will never submit and we shall for ever be proud of our water dressed in brown and lack of goiters.

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