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Eureka Apex 2XT


MSRP: $129

Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz

Floor Size: 7'6"x 4'11"

Eureka's website says it best when describing their new Apex 2XT, "Versatile fiberglass 2 pole dome tents are ideal for those less demanding adventures." Last Friday a few of us headed to 11 mile Canyon of Colorado for a quick get away after work. When we arrived to our chosen campsite it was after dark. I was concerned in how technical the set up of this tent would be, since I've never used it before and I would now be setting it up with a head lamp.

This is a good time for me to pause and recommend that you never assume that your gear is perfect just because it's brand new. Before going out on an adventure open your new items inspect them and familiarize yourself with it's set up and use. I didn't do this, but I did bring a back up tent that I'm very familiar with.

Okay, back to the Apex 2XT. The set up was a synch! It is a basic 2 pole dome style layout, that also includes a color coordinated clip in system for the fly. Aside from the darkness the tent was up in a matter of minutes and the only worry now was gathering fire wood. I was very impressed with the overall space inside the tent, the interior height was amazing! I don't think I've ever been in such a spacious 2 person tent before, and that's important if you're sharing a tent with me, and my pups. On the downside it did drop below freezing that night, and the tent wasn't the warmest. All that extra head space came back to bite me in the ass. Another concern that you might notice from the picture above is the round cut out on the fly at the foot and head sides of the tent. You definitely feel the cold on your head and feet, and if you're long enough to extend to both walls this could really be a downer for you. This is all goes back to using the right tool for the job as this tent is most definitely a mild 3 season set up. Would I use this tent again? Hell yes! Would I use it in below freezing temps, no. For more serious adventures Eureka has a Backpacking line, as well as an Expedition Series.


  • 4 interior corner pockets
  • Dome loft (attic storage)
  • Durable bathtub floor
  • Double entry
  • Fly provides two room vestibules for extra storage space

Foot print not included.

If you're doing some summer camping with a small family ( 2 adults, and a child), or maybe you have dogs, you will love and appreciate this tent's space. Overall I like this tent and I'm looking forward to using it again in warmer conditions.

Would you like to own a new Eureka Apex 2XT? The fine folks from Eureka have decided to give one of our lucky readers their very own brand new Apex 2XT. Comment back on this post telling us why you deserve this tent, and what kind of adventures you'll take it on. This way we know it will be going to a good home. There will be only one winner, so get creative!



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