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Fall Hornin


Limited release beers are one of the many things that I look forward to as the seasons change. And it seems that these days there are a few staple styles that almost every craft brewery puts out, especially this time of year with the Pumpkin Ales. This style is really broad and can cover such a wide range of flavor profiles that if you have a pumpkin ale you dislike you should definitely not write them all off.

One of the more mellow and drinkable pumpkin ales that I have had recently is the Fall Hornin from Anderson Valley Brewing Co. To be honest this is not high on the list of what I would call remarkable pumpkin beers, it is a burnt orange color and has a delicate spice nose to it that all comes together is a slightly spiced ale that is so drinkable I have a hard time considering this to be a big dog in the world of specialty seasonable beers. I think Anderson Valley does a fantastic job with a well balanced pumpkin ale that would please just about everyone that drinks it. Balanced between the super sweet pumpkin pie in a can beers and the spice monsters this beer is mellow and super balanced. And at 6% ABV it is a respectable offering in the style.

If you get a chance to try some pumpkin beers, I would add this to the list and I encourage you to grab a few different bottles and really experience the differences in the style. Just remember drink ’em if you got ’em because this style does not store well!




6 pack

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