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Farmer’s Daughter

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse has caught my eye with all their artistic fairy tale damsel’s labeling. As cool as the bottles look, I’m glad to say the Grimm Bros. easily matched if not surpassed it with the amazing taste of this Oktoberfest Lager!

The Farmer’s Daughter Oktoberfest Lager from Grimm Borthers Brewhouse is probably one of my favorite newly discovered beers. This Oktoberfest pours to a golden body topped with a small white head. The taste is a medium sweet with a caramel hint to it. A malty bready character is also noticeable. The feel is crisp and dry with a somewhat bitter finish. The Farmer’s Daughter is easily my new favorite Oktoberfest. With an ABV of 6.10% it’s not the strongest of its kind out there, but it’s plenty enough to keep you drinking more. Grimm Brothers didn’t try to do too much, or add a bunch of extra spices and blends to this one either. I love the way the Farmer’s Daughter Oktoberfest tastes and the feel to it as well. I wish this beer was available year round, but it makes it all that more special as a seasonal.



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