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SIZE: 750ml
ABV: 9.5%

We spent some time recently in Phoenix visiting family. I usually visit a liquor store or two trying to track down something unique. Usually this is very unsuccessful. Phoenix doesn’t get great distribution. This appears to be changing or at least I’ve found a honey hole. One of my pick ups was a Cascade Figaro. I’ve had a few Cascades and even been to Cascade but I’ve never had this one. It’s a pretty unique beer. They age it in Chardonnay barrels and then on figs and lemon peel. First impression it strikes me as a dry hopped sour with similar aroma and flavor. Must be the fig imparting its flavor to the beer. It is very obviously a Cascade beer, as it has their signature flavor and tartness. The lemon peel comes through in the back of the jaw. It strikes at the beginning and the end of the sip. Overall I think this is a good beer and I’m excited to have tried it. I think I’d prefer their strawberry but I’ll happily take what I can get!

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