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SIZE: 12 oz.
ABV: 6.2%

After another great weekend of playing in the woods all I needed tonight was a tasty beer to cap it all off with.

The Flipside Red IPA from Sierra Nevada pours to a copper color with a decadent off white head. Toasted bread flavors along with sweet hints of caramel, hits your palate immediately on the taste. As good as that is and sounds the better part of this beer for me was the refreshing citrus side of the taste. Zingy hints of grapefruit and lemon quickly come to mind as I drink and completely mask the bitter finish of the IPA. Good enough so, that it almost lets you forget that you are drinking an IPA all together. In true fashion of a Red IPA the soft flavor side and the bitter hoppy end of  the beer have been smoothly blended together. At 6.2% the ABV isn’t too crazy either, but it’s enough to do it justice.

If there was a beer I could recommend to you tonight it would have to be the Flipside Red IPA. This easy drinker is perfect for a calm relaxing night and a great way to reflect on the past week and start planning for the next.



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