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Freeride IPA


The Freeride APA from Alaskan Brewing Company embodies everything I want in an APA with the awesome labeling turning my thoughts to chair lifts and deep powder. I might be dreaming of long runs and fresh snow but the beer is here in the now.

This crisp APA pours to a golden body with a full fluffy white head that holds retention and recedes slowly. It has a great hop taste for an APA. Some Pale Ales miss the mark, trying to outdo the last batch to the point that you might as well be drinking an IPA. Then you have some that are just plain weak and need to spice things up. I found the Freeride to be very balanced with a good hop to it at the follow with hints of citrus notes sneaking in as well. They don't linger long on the pallet though, just sneaking in long enough to say hello. It has an overall crisp and dry feel to it. The Freeride was a good brew to have while sitting around the fire and letting the mind wander to the trance of the flames. A true freeride. 





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