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The Freestyle Pilsner is a seasonal treat from Santa Fe Brewing Company. The Freestyle Pilsner is a refreshing zesty drink that goes great with any warm day. The Freestyle pours to a bright translucent yellow with a thin bright white head that crowns the beer. On the nose I catch a bready biscuit type smell. The feel is definitely that of a lighter crisp brew, just what I would expect from a Pils. On the taste side the most noticeable suspects are hints of citrusy lemon and spicy floral hops. The carbonation is well balanced and feels great, that helps to provide the crisp mouthfeel. The ABV is a 5.5% so you're safe pounding a few of these.

Santa Fe Brewing Company has made some of my personal favorites, like the Imperial Java Stout and the Happy Camper. The Freestyle Pilsner is up there too. It's great tasting and easy going down, just an all around smooth beer. Work hard, play hard and reward yourself with quality beer. 




12 oz.

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