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Fruitful Union


Fruitful Union is the second beer I’ve had from Powder Keg Brewing and it has convinced me I need to visit them, especially since they are nearby in Niwot, CO . The first beer I had from them was actually this beer’s big brother. They made a crazy good peach sour called Palisade Reunion. Well apparently they thought the peaches had a lot of goodness left in them, so they fermented Fruitful Union, a blonde sour ale, on them. They then added raspberries to the beer to add some more fruit flavor. It worked. Jester King was their inspiration for this and what a wonderful place to take inspiration from. Jester King has a couple beers with second use fruit and it adds a subtleness to the sour that is sometimes exactly what you’re looking for.

Fruitful Union pours like an unfiltered grapefruit juice. It has that same pink-orange color. The peaches definitely overpower the aroma, with just a hint of fruit punch in there. The flavor is tart and then sweet, almost like you taste the fruits competing and complementing each other at the same time. It tastes like a peach Sour Patch Kid: tart upfront but then the sweetness relaxes your taste buds. It is a very nice beer and I look forward to future releases from Powder Keg.


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