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GeoPalz Activity Tracker

Kids are active by nature, but if you're having trouble keeping your young ones motivated, we may have found the answer! GeoPalz combines kids culture with health and fitness!

The minute we received the GeoPalz "Dax", my 4 year old son Cody couldn't wait to "play" with it. I sat him down and explained what exactly this was. He couldn't understand why it was so cool. It didn't make noise, there were no lights, and it didn't have wheels, so what's a boy to do? Run around, that's what!

MSRP: $20

Appx. Size: 2"hx1"w

GeoPalz are an extremely cute kids version of pedometers, or step counters. These little "calculators" keep track of every step (and almost every move) you make. After we turned it on, I clipped it on him, and he was off! Luckily our house is a track-style-round-lap, so he took a few turns running around the house and stopped to check out his steps. 50. Cool he thought, now how many can I get? Off he went again, and just like that, motivation was born!

The GeoPalz clip held up well and never came off during his rounds about the house. Outside during biking time, it also held up well. The case of the pedometer is a soft flexible rubber that bends easily during activity. The pedometer counter itself is a heavy duty plastic that is attached by a small cord. The counter comes out of the case for easy to read viewing, and is simple to clip back in. It features a simple to use push button for clearing the steps back to 0. After you keep track online of course! is also a way for kids to keep track of their steps, earn prizes and learn cool health and fitness tips! Kids can also set goals and are excited to know that after a certain amount of steps, they can virtually walk across the city, state and even country! Pedometer FYI: For adults, 2,000 steps equals about a mile and 10,000 steps is about 5 miles, the goal per day.

Kids can earn FREE prizes based off of how active they are. Prizes include many items that will keep kids moving; soccer balls, basketballs, Frisbees, water bottles, hacky sacks and more! Plus, for those older kids, Facebook credits, Target gift cards, and Wii points. Just don't stay online looking at prizes too long, after 5 minutes of being online, a window pops up that says:

And if that's not cool enough for you, family can be added into the mix! Using a GeoPalz of your own, Nike Plus or FitBit Monitor, mom and dad can stay motivated as well!

Dax comes with us everywhere. The park, the zoo, and even during bike rides to the neighbors house, it's motivational and most importantly, fun!

Adventure On!



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