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Gerber: Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife


Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV steel

Weight: 6.5 oz.

Blade Length: 3.8"

Overall Length: 9.1"

MSRP: $46

The Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife from Gerber is designed to be exactly that, a camp kitchen. However, the Freescape has the capability of doing so much more than just prepping food.

Inspired by Santoku chef knives, this light weight sure handled, sharp blade feels great in the grip and makes slicing and chopping a cinch! Now that the meat is sliced and the veggies are chopped you won't need to retire this blade. The Freescape is great for tackling most campsite duties. I wouldn't be quick to hammer down on the back of the blade with a log or a mallet, but I wouldn't think twice about using the Freescape to whittle wood, cut cordage, or face any other medium to light camping tasks. The blade is made from 7Cr17MoV steel with a full tang construction that makes it very durable. The handle is a rubberized and grips firmly. Hot or cold, wet or dry the blade feels nice and secure in the hand. Adding to the texturized black rubber handle are green accents highlighting the knife. At first that sounds a bit much, but there is nothing obnoxious about this. These little highlights make the blade recognizable and easy to identify and find. The key here is contrast.   The Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife comes with a sheath for easy carry as well. The knife securely holds in the sheath with a Velcro canvas strap and plastic loop that belt carry comfortably.

When we normally get home and unpack, clean, and maintain our gear we say goodbye to it until the next adventure. The Freescape doesn't want to say goodbye until the next time. It wants to adventure on with you in your kitchen, and you should let it. This is a great kitchen knife indoors our out, and the more you use it the more comfortable with it you will be. When it comes to cleaning this knife, if you're a dishwasher type don't shy away. The Freescape is also completely dishwasher safe! The rubberized handle safely covers the blade protecting the steel underneath.  

If you're looking for a good knife to add to your outdoor kitchen gear the Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife is quite impressive. Whether you use the Freescape indoors between adventures or you take your master chef skills with you into the wild, you'll easily slice and dice your way to a good meal with no concern.



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