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Gerber-Gear: GDC Zip


Gerber GDC Zip Collection

  • Weight: Varies between GDC
  • Length: Varies between GDC
  • MSRP: $12

DC or in this case GDC, Gerber Daily Carry is a means of making some needed tools readily available to make your life easier. Been in a pinch and need a blade, screwdriver, or wrench before? We all have, and daily carry is just a means of doing so without these items bulking you down. 

The GDC Zips are a handy attachment for anything with zippers. I like using these tools in combo with my favorite day packs. Simply fasten the GDC to your packs zippers tabs and you're off. GDCs make carrying tools light, convenient, easy, and mindless! Once securely fastened to your pack you'll never have to think twice about again, it's always with you and ready to work!

The GDC Zips are available in four different flavors. The GDC Zip Driver is a a series of three different screwdriver heads, 2 Phillips, and 1 Flat. The GDC Zip Blade is a convenient little sharp blade about the size of a razor blade. The GDC Zip Hex is a small rotating 5 tools in 1 Allen Key. Lastly the GDC Zip Light is a LED based pin light with 8 lumens. 

Daily carries are great to have in a pinch. Gerber Daily Carry Zips are great to have all the time. You know never know when there will be a blowout of some sort or minor repairs needed. Having a GDC Zips on hand is a effortless way of carrying some essential tools that could lead to a quick fix that could really get you out of some these pinches.



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