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Gerber: Instant

 MSRP: $49
Weight: 4.01 oz
Blade Length: 3.18″
Closed Length: 4.57″
Overall Length: 7.75″
Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV Steel
“Tactically inspired, the Instant utilizes Gerber’s Assisted Opening 2.0 mechanism for easy, one-handed blade opening. The thumb plunge unlocks the three-and-a-half-inch blade for safe closure. Layers of G-10 composite are textured and shaped to make an ultra-light, ultra-tactile handle. It’s a sleek clip folder made for everyday use.”
-Gerber Gear
I was stoked to be personally handed Gerber’s new knife, the Instant at the 2012 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show. Gerber has been advertising the release of the Instant with catchy slogans and short movies themed around trouble. Not that we need to go looking for trouble but when trouble finds you, you’ll be better prepared for it. Be it an everyday carry, or an adventure of any sort a good knife is a necessity. A dependable blade at a very affordable price is exactly what Gerber gives us with the Instant.
The Instant is a sturdy, tactical, light weight knife, capable of tackling the toughest of jobs. It’s semi skeleton framed composite body is thin and light weight making it a comfortable carry. From my first impression I really like this blade. The balance is great, the thin frame carries nice in the pocket, and the assisted open really shoots the blade out fast.
I did run into a couple concerns with this blade. The assisted open for instance is great, maybe too great. There is a very large spring involved and the blade is a down carry tip. This is a bad combination if the knife is to auto trigger in your pocket, which for me it did. Unknowing that this happened I reached into my pocket for my truck keys and sliced one of my fingers. The clip is fixed to the single side so you have to carry as is. This made me worry at first about carrying this blade and be a little more mindful of the auto assist. A quick fix for this was to start carrying the Instant in my left pocket. Doing this places the blade against the outter wall of my pocket which won’t allow the blade to spring. In all fairness, the blade only opened once and it’s not the only knife I’ve ever had that has done this. Be mindful too, when I say auto opened I still must have triggered it somehow. Since the move to my left pocket I have had no problems.
Overall, I really like this blade. I doubt you’ll find this durable of a folding pocket carry knife for the $49 offered from too many companies. Yes, I did cut myself but it was a mere scratch and a good reminder of what I was carrying.
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