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Get Bent Mountain IPA

Coming from deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina, this West Coast styled IPA is a super nice representation of the style. Usually when I think of the Blue Ridge mtns I think of ‘shiners and humidity, and with this beer it that couldn’t be farther from the feeling I get when I sip on this piney, earthy IPA. Bitter and delicious as any quality IPA we get out here in Colorado, this bad boy is a plain a simple a great beer.

Get Bent Mountain IPA from Parkway Brewing Co is a 7.2% IPA that pours a dusty yellow and has a nice crisp citrus nose. The taste bites at your palate and starts with a welcome burst of grapefruit and sharp bitterness that I consider the true sign of a badass IPA. While it has been a while since I have been back east long enough to enjoy all of the great breweries I am so stoked that my buddy Ryan thought to bring quite a few back with him for me to enjoy!


6 pack

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