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Get Your Vehicle Un-Stuck Right Meow!

Being outdoor lovers and adventurers we often push the limits too far and find ourselves in situations that we regret. Everyone is guilty of it here and there, but hey that’s part of the adventure. The trick to getting out of situations like these unscathed is preparedness. One such example is getting your rig stuck in snow. Winter is upon us and here is a couple of quick tips to getting your vehicle out of a stuck in snow situation.

It’s early December you’re out with your family looking for a Christmas Tree to take home (of course you are somewhere where this is legal). You come across a snow drift in the road and choose to go through it. That snow was a little deeper than you thought and now you are stuck. Tires are spinning and you are going nowhere. First thing you do in a situation like this, or any bad situation, is to remain calm, stop and think. If this is the case, you need traction. I’d like to think that most of you have some sort of an emergency kit in your vehicle already. If not stay tuned, I’ll soon be posting a walk through of essentials. For those of you that already have something put together here’s one more winter item that can really help in a slippery situation, Kitty Litter. Nothing fancy about it, just your plain old Cat Litter.

Why Cat Litter? It’s cheap, it comes conveniently contained, it has thick granule pieces that are easy for your tires to grab, it clumps up and hardens when wet, and it breaks down. I know a lot of people are concerned with waste and littering, but this could potentially save your life! Pour it directly in the tire trenches. Don’t be modest either, that’s what it is for. This will give your tires a fighting chance to grip something. I recommend purchasing a gallon or two in a plastic container like the one pictured above. Don’t buy the cardboard box ones unless you plan on pouring it into a more sturdy container, or you’ll likely end up with loose litter all over your vehicle.

If you find yourself without it and in such a situation, another go to method is lining the tire trenches with small branches. Stack them thick behind your tires and at the base of the tire trenches. You just need enough for your tires to grab onto. Put these behind your tires, put your vehicle in reverse, and go home now. Count your blessings and call it a day. If you have Cat Litter don’t be afraid to combine it with the sticks as well. The more traction the better.

In a jam these tricks works great, so does having new tires, chains, 4 Wheel Drive, tow straps, or AAA. Sometimes you have to just work with what you have.

I hope this tip helps if you are ever in such a situation. Now go out and play!



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