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Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus


WEIGHT: 1lb 2oz (Nomad 7 panel and Guide 10 battery pack)

MSRP: $119.95

Powering your adventures is just what Goal Zero had in mind during their research and development of the Guide 10 Plus adventure kit. Keeping electronics charged is one of the most difficult things to accomplish while on backcountry trips. With just about every person utilizing a cell phone, GPS, or other battery powered device there is a tremendous need for a way to keep electronics operational when on extended trips away from the grid.

Not only can you get real time charging with the integrated 2 panel Mono-Crystalline system (highest efficiency of all solar collection methods) but you can also supercharge the included battery pack for energy fill ups when the sun has set or is obscured. The battery pack can charge cell phones fully up to 3 times and can charge either AA or AAA batteries. Bonus: the battery pack has an integrated LED flashlight.

I have been a fan of solar harvesting for years and with amazing innovation like what is seen with Goal Zero our ability to stay out longer, safer, is greatly increased. The sleek and durable 2 panel Guide 10 allows decent charging of small portable devices as well as the charging of the included 4 AA batteries which can be used independently or as an integrated unit. I used the individual batteries in my GPS as well as the entire kit for charging a cell phone. During our tests we found that the iPhone 5 does not charge well off of the USB charger integrated into the Nomad 7 panel but it does well with the battery pack.

This panel is designed to charge smaller items such as GPS and cell phones only…it is not intended for larger electronics such as laptops, but have no fear, Goal Zero has several options for that! Also keep in mind each device has different charging needs and since the Guide 10 is a solar harvester you need to get the best exposure to the sun you can.

I wish I had this technology in the past when I was dealing with longer trips away from a power source as a means to keep my electronic charged and functioning. The ability to hang the panel from my pack as I hike along allows me to effortlessly keep electronics fully charged. I mean how many times do we hear of folks getting injured or lost only to have their cell phone or GPS devices batteries die out? Having a ready source is definitely a great asset in the back country.

Goal Zero has a wide array of products that harness the sun's energy so that we can continue to operate our battery powered devices long after conventional means would have faded. 

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