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Golden Nugget

SIZE: 22oz
ABV: 6%

Toppling Goliath is a small (production wise) brewery producing some huge beers (hop flavors, trade value, etc). They are located in what I consider the middle of nowhere Iowa. In fact, we drove right past the old pizza hut building they’re housed in when we swung in there a while ago. It was a substantial detour from our route home from Dark Lord Day but I’d say it was worth it. Toppling Goliath is producing some crazy good IPAs. They have also produced some seriously sought after barrel aged beers, including the infamous KBBS. In fact, when you look at their line-up on websites, IPAs or APAs dominate the list with a small percentage of stouts and just a sprinkling of other varieties.

Golden Nugget IPA is touted as a SMASH beer. That is an acronym for Single Malt And Single Hop. Toppling Goliath showcases Golden Promise malt and Nugget hops with this beer. Usually these beers can be pretty boring. It can be easy to pick these beers apart and they can fail on not bringing the two ingredients together in a complimentary way. The one thing they usually do well is showcase the hop. Sometimes as more of an example than a solid end beer. Regardless of how this beer was made, it is a solid IPA, making it an impressive SMASH beer.

Golden Nugget poured with a straw golden haziness that produced a substantial solid head, like seriously robust head. To me it smells like wildflowers in a pine forest. Not crazy florally like a bouquet, and not crazy piney either. Just the right balance of the two. Other people have described a citrus quality to the aroma but I have to search for that and still it is a stretch to my untrained nose. The hop flavors (which are really what shine) come across as a flower petal and pine aroma. The beer finishes easily and smoothly making it too easy for the next sip to come too fast.

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