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goodr OG Sunglasses

MATERIAL: PC Frame with grip coating
WEIGHT:22 grams
MSRP: $25

Company Story
I’ve never encountered a company like goodr. Creators of something beautifully simple, they focus on making sunglasses, and dang good sunglasses at that. They are a wonderfully outrageous company, and I think its awesome. Started back in 2015, goodr wants everyone to look and feel good when they run with their sunglasses. One of the founders put it this way; “I started goodr to destroy the boundaries between working out, and having fun, between utilitarian and fashionable”. Ever since then they have been creating some of the craziest running swag ever. The money bags for them is the wayfarer sunglasses (now available in two styles, OG and BFG’s), but they also make shirts, tanks, hats and sweatbands to keep runners looking baller. They keep things simple, but without being simple. Every few weeks you’ll see a handful of new color sunglasses be released, and their names are straight bananas. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Mick + Keith’s Midnight Ramble
  • You Don’t Look Like Buddy Holly. At All.
  • Swedish Meatball Hangover
  • Not The Mama
  • Dat Dank Easter Basket Grass

If you really want to get a good understanding of goodr, just listen to their Manifesto:

Ignite and unite the spirits of your friends.
Be active, be yourself, and live with purpose.
Getting a good story is all the reason you need to try something.
If you show up and run, you are a runner…your time and distance are just numbers.
Judge your success by the friends you meet and the high fives you give.
Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you.
What you talk about on a run stays on the run.
Strive for greatness and fight the urge to settle for ordinary.
When pain shows up, find a place to put it (until you can have a beer).
Always remember the closest bathroom.
Bring a dog with you as often as you can.
Whenever possible, wear a party tank — and remember, you bring the party to the tank top, the tank doesn’t bring the party to you.
Enjoy every step you take, every hill you climb, every view you earn.
Runner Swag is a mindset….when you look good, you play goodr.

With that kind of a manifesto, I’m not sure if there is much more that I can tell you! The goodr squad was kind enough to send a pair of the “Whiskey Shots with Satan” classic OG sunglasses our direction for a trial run, so let’s dig into the review!

Review (13/15)

One of the first things that got me excited was the overall packaging from goodr. It wasn’t extravagant, but it as way more than I expected from a $25 pair of glasses. They came in a small cardboard box that was branded to goodr, and on the inside, it has a fun little phrase from their mascot flamingo, Carl. The actual sunglasses themselves were in a soft pouch inside another slide-out style box! I’m big on creating a positive and unique experience for consumers, and right away I was having fun with my goodrs.

The glasses themselves, the OG’s, are beautifully simple and look great. Their classic wayfarer shape is timeless, but with a lot of the modern touches you would want in a daily pair of sunglasses. Polarized lenses and UV400 protection come standard, so you know you’re getting the protection you need. When it comes to fit, they were the momma bear’s porridge, not too snug, and not too loose, but just right. This works when running because the exterior coating is a matte style material that provides just enough stick to keep things in place. This tacky but smooth finish keeps things from bouncing around, resulting in constant good looks.

When it comes to actual use, I liked pretty much everything about these sunglasses. When they say no bounce, they mean no bounce. I put this to the test running some of the toughest trails I could find, biking on stupid bumpy roads, I even went as far as wear them doing GHD sit-ups (basically upside-down sit-ups, just so everyone is in on the terminology here), and they stayed perfectly in place. None of this came at the expense of my comfort. The sides are snug, but leave plenty of room for different head shapes and sizes.


The lenses kept everything clear and when you’re looking at water the polarization works great. My one qualm here is that with the Wayfarer shape you don’t get much protection for your peripheral vision. Depending on where the sunlight was coming from, I did get a glare on the inside of the lenses themselves. I noticed this mainly with my evening runs where I could see my own eyes and face in the lens. Not a huge problem, but it did get annoying when I was trying to make sure you don’t roll an ankle on the trails.


Comfortable, effective, and pretty dang stylish, the OG’s from goodr are a winner. You can’t beat the price, and they performed just as good as a handful of other pricier sunglasses I’ve worn in the past. Check out their other colors, I’m sure you would be able to find a pair that you can rock anywhere!

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