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GoSnug Merino Wool Blanket – UpaDowna
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GoSnug Merino Wool Blanket

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DESCRIPTION: Merino Wool Blanket
MATERIAL: Merino Wool
MSRP: $399

There are many ways to stay warm these days at your house, campsite, and everywhere in-between. However, you generally need several different types of gear to do this from sleeping bags to comforters depending on location. The GoSnug merino wool blanket may just be the answer to all of your cold nights.



If you own a Roof Top Tent then you should own a GoSnug blanket! This is why I asked for one in the first place, I was tired of having to take my sleeping bags out of the RTT ( roof top tent ) when I folded it up. You can leave your sleeping bags in the tent but you will be compressing your bags usually for long periods of time and that’s no good. I also didn’t want to keep two sleeping bags in my car at all times just incase I did decide to go off on a rubber tramping trip. The GoSnug merino wool blanket solves that problem. We all know the amazing properties of merino wool and how well it keeps you warm, not to mention it is breathable, antimicrobial, and the list goes on and on. The reason I love this blanket is that I can fold it up inside the RTT and not worry that I may have taken away from its warming abilities. I have a Tepui Astana roof top tent which is a 3 person tent. I paired it with the large size GoSnug blanket which is a full/queen size 86”x86” and it fits perfectly.



My wife and I have used this blanket for a 3 season sleep system for the RTT and it does amazingly well keeping us cozy from the desert to the high rockies. Here is the problem with this blanket, you will not keep this in your tent! This blanket is just way too comfortable for one tent to hold, you will be wrapped up in this thing around the camp fire, at the lake, at the game, and it will be on your bed at home. The only answer here is to buy more than one!



Listen, this blanket will be the one thing you will never leave home without and the first thing you carry back into the house after your trip. GoSnug has a lifetime warranty, they are a Leave No Trace partner and they use renewable material. Your GoSnug blanket will come in its own stuff sack and stores easily and is easy to maintain. With a variety of sizes and prices the GoSnug will easily find it way into your next adventure so GoSnug yourself!

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