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Grand Trunk Micro Stool

  • WEIGHT: 10oz
  • MSRP: $29.95

If I am backpacking for a simple one or two nights out the one thing I usually yearn for is a small camp chair. While it is not practical if you’re one to saw off the handle of your toothbrush, it is one of those things that can be a nice treat on the trail.

Grand Trunk has a great lightweight collapsible camp chair called the Micro Stool that should have been called “the ant” not only because of it’s small packed size but also it’s ability to carry objects many, many times it’s weight…in this case up to 250lbs!

The seat is made of nylon and it features shock corded aluminum legs that can come apart to collapse the unit for easy packing in it’s own stuff sack. There is also a nifty little mesh pouch under the seat to hold items you want to keep close at hand or out of the mud.

For quick trips on the trail, sitting around a bonfire, or just relaxing at the trail head after a ride the Micro Stool is great little item to have at the ready.

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