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Green Chili Ale

SIZE: 22oz
ABV: 5.2


How many of you celebrated St. Patricks Day this past weekend? We know we did, and as a part of that celebration, we opened a spicy little treat from Soulcraft Brewing in Salida, CO. Fitting with the theme of “you have to have something green on St. Patricks Day”, we decided to give the Green Chili Ale a try.

The beer pours a clear golden color and has a noticeable spice in its aroma. As soon as you take a sip, there is no doubting that there are some serious peppers involved in the brewing process for this beer. Using a blonde ale as a base, Soulcraft infuses serrano and pueblo peppers into the brewing process creating an especially delightful flavor profile. The frontend of the taste has a subtle hop, but overall smooth presentation that is classic of a blonde ale. After a second or two you start to get the gentle warming on the back of your tongue that grows into a noticeable heat, but doesn’t throw off the flavor of the beer. There are strong notes of both serrano and pueblo peppers, but unlike a lot of other chili beers I’ve had in the past, I thought that the Green Chili Ale found that elusive sweet spot between “where’s the pepper” and “I can’t feel my tongue”.  I’m always been a little skeptical of chili beers because I feel like they are tricky to brew correctly, but Soulcraft gets two thumbs here. If you like a little heat, I would definitely give this a try!

To give a little background on the Green Chile Ale, for all our readers who have an affinity for all things Colorado, you’ll like the fact that the peppers used to create the heat in this beer are sourced from local farms. A little Colorado supporting Colorado right there! It is always awesome to hear that local businesses are supporting one-another!

That wraps up this week’s Beer Of The Weekend, but keep and eye out for some longer reviews in the upcoming weeks. We are looking into diving into beer reviews, but also brewery stories as well! Are there any brewery stories that you want to hear? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

We hope you all have a great week, and be sure to get out there and unleash your adventure!

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