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GSI Halulite 1 Liter Kettle


GSI Halulite Kettle

Materials: Halulite (GSI's secret squirrel alloy)

Specs:  5.8 oz1 Liter capacity, collapsible handle, removable lid, and pour spout.

MSRP: $23

Boiling water in a standard pot is so 2013. GSI offers this great little 1 Liter kettle that should so be replacing your cook pot. For most hikers all you really use your pot for is boiling water, so why not do it in a kettle with a well fitting lid, a nice pour spout and ample handle? I really dig this convenient super light kettle for backcountry excursions. My spork, small fuel canister, and compact stove fit nicely inside of the kettle to save room in the pack. The kettle performed well in many different conditions and heating methods and the handle has yet to get hot enough to make me think I might burn myself picking it up.

 I have not noticed any appreciable discoloration from heating over a wood fire, nor from using an iso-butane stove and it seems to heat evenly throughout. With the kettle design and closed lid the water boiled quickly, and the pour spout makes it super easy to pour. I was a bit concerned about the lid falling off at full pour, but this fear was unfounded and I was able to pour all but about a teaspoon of water out of the kettle with out any movement by the lid. 

The GSI Kettle is pretty awesome and would be great for folks that tend to keep camp cooking simple by just heating soups, or simply boiling water for instant meals. Should you cook a heartier meal and need to clean the pot, have no fear, it was not difficult even with starchy instant mashed potatoes, but it does take more time than a normal pot due to the shape. Be aware that as with any one liter pot, this should be used for solo campers or those only heating water for drinks. 1 Liter does not go very far for groups!

I thought about going to a hobby shop and buying a small cork to plug the spout and try and slow cook with it but never got around to it, although I have no doubt I will soon.


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