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GSI Outdoors 1L Thermos

DESCRIPTION: 1 liter Thermos
MATERIAL: Stanless Steel
MSRP: $34.95

I lost sleep because of this thermos. Mostly because I have no will power, brewed too much coffee and couldn’t bring myself to pour any out, so I paid the price. There are two reasons I use a thermos. One is going outdoors in the cold and bringing a toasty beverage that I want to stay hot. The other reason is sitting at my computer. The latter doesn’t require much of a thermos to work. I will say though this thermos was put to the old computer test and it performed well. It kept me well caffeinated as I stalked Facebook, Strava, other gear sites, watched puppy videos, and planned out my next mountain bike.

It performed equally as well outdoors, where it really matters. I took it for a day of ice climbing. I followed the instruction manual to preheat it by filling it with hot water first. Yes that’s right, this thermos has an instruction manual! This step is a familiar concept to me, as I preheat my coffee mug, my mash tun, my thermos, and I precool my cooler as well. It makes a huge difference for maintaining temperature and if you’re not doing it you should be.

I brewed a great batch of supersized pourover to fill the full 1 liter.  Filling to the top is important, not as important as preheating, but definitely makes a difference in maintaining temperature. I brewed a local roaster’s barrel aged coffee: Switchback Roaster’s Double Bourbon. Once the thermos was filled, it was tossed into my bag recklessly and I set out.

I hiked in and did some laps on our local, somewhat guarded, frozen waterfall and stopped for a coffee break. To no surprise, the coffee was hot and delicious. I shared some with the other climbers that had accumulated and then went back to doing laps up and down. I stashed the thermos in the snow and in the shade. Not because that’s a good idea, but to accelerate the cooling effect if there was going to be any.

After a few hours of swinging picks into ice and flailing my way up, I decided to head out. I poured myself another cup into the handy lid/mug and nursed it as I coiled rope and packed up. I found the lid nice to drink out of which isn’t always the case. I then threw the thermos recklessly into my pack again, which contains all sorts of pointy objects and hiked out.

After the drive home, I poured myself another cup and it still felt as hot as the first cup. I was excited about that . . . and jittery. I was pleased to see that the thermos didn’t leak either time I haphazardly threw it in my pack; one  of which times even being inverted. I’m still drinking hot coffee from this thermos as I write this review 10 hours later, which is taking forever to write due to those damn puppy videos.

I can’t say I have any complaints about this thermos. In the instructions there is a depiction of a way to pour without fully removing the cap. However,  I found this method messy and inefficient. This is easily avoided though so kind of a moot point. Overall I think this is a great product. Solid feeling stainless steel construction, clean design, nice price point, and it performed well.

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