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GSI Pinnacle 4 Season Stove

DESCRIPTION: lightweight 4 season canister stove
WEIGHT:5.8 oz
MSRP: $79.95

If you are looking for a neat little remote canister stove then you’d be hard pressed to beat the new GSI Pinnacle 4 season stove. Lightweight and mind bogglingly small, when I first received the stove I was wondering how serious this thing could actually be.


The stove itself is barely larger than the direct screw in version and features a braided steel line to allow use of a remote canister safely away from the flame. The design of this stove is based on trying to improve on winter canister stove’s usefulness. If you have used canister stoves in the past then you have cursed at the difficulty of getting them to produce enough BTUs to actually heat anything with out sputtering ineffectually and eventually dying all the while the iso butane mixture rests just out of reach with in the canister ignoring your pleads to release and warm your food. By allowing the canister to be remote and designed to be inverted (think threads down) the liquid fuel is sucked out of the canister and feeds up through a tube along the side of the stove, while bring liquid fuel is not all that efficient (it tends to spit and sputter at first, once the tube is heated it quickly vaporizes the liquid fuel and becomes nice little burner quietly blasting with up to 7800 btus (reported).

The honeycomb top of the stove helps disperse the flame well and provides a nice flame spread evenly. The adjustment handle for fuel control is just out of the heat’s reach so you do not burn your fingers, however I found it to be super finicky until the stove had preheated fully and then I could get it died to a full on jet engine fueled rolling boil and a somewhat high simmer. I could never get it dialed down for a minimal simmer, but in reality I rarely use so low a simmer.


I really liked the compact nature of the stove and nothing pleases me more than being able to fit a stove, canister, spork, all in the cook cup, and this little stove does just that.


Combining the minimal weight and minimal foot print this new GSI stove is pretty incredible and will be hard to beat for the price, output, and ease of use. GSI has done their research on this one and I feel confident I will get many warm meals in winter using this stove.

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