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Gulpy Water Dispenser


You see it all the time: a hiker, jogger, cyclist, or whatever doing what they do, while a tired dog faithfully stride by stride stays at their side, tongue out panting away. Many people seem to be just fine dragging their pup along, but don't stop enough to tend to it's needs. This bums me out like no other. The poor dog can't tell you its thirsty. Its hydration is your responsibility. If you can't take the time to stop and give your beloved friend a drink, why bring 'em? You take time to hit your water bottle, can't you spare a few seconds? "My dog's fine, I'll give him a drink when we get to the top." Bullshit, how do you know? Did he tell you? If you're one of these people who make this sad, but common oversight, keep this in mind in the future. Your dog with all of it's sniffing around and running back and forth has probably doubled, if not tripled, the distance you did. If you're a bike rider that doesn't stop for your dog as it follows along, you're the worst! This is a common way to kill your dog. There are many reports of a loyal dog running itself to death trying to keep up with it's loved one. Yeah, you love your pooch and would never do any of the mentioned things on purpose, but it happens. Ignorance is bliss, until your dog is dead!

Gulpy Water Dispenser

I'm no expert on how much water your dog should have, I've heard different things on this. I drink when I'm thirsty, so I try to give my dog the same opportunities. One way I do this is with the Gulpy Water Dispenser. It fits in backpack side pockets, or you could hang it by its handy clip! It also fits in cup holders making long car rides so much easier. Not to mention there's no messy water bowl splashing around due to it's awesome flip top trough. The basic gist is you flip the bottle upside down to release water into the trough. Don't worry about the water leaking if the bottle becomes inverted, they thought of that too. It's a squeeze bottle, only allowing water out as you apply pressure. It doubles as a water bottle for you too! Since your dog only drinks from the trough, this makes for an easy option of twisting off the top and drinking from the bottle.

I would say out of all my gear this is a must, and the best bang for the buck! The bottle and trough are very durable, but on the downside I killed the pressure release. Not sure how it happened. I believe I left water in it and it froze, possibly cracking the piece inside the cap. For only $8 I'm not going to complain, but what I will do is take it back to REI and hit up their awesome 100% satisfaction return policy!

Have fun with your dogs they love being out with you. Just remember it's your responsibility to address their needs and keep them safe.



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