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Half Acre Double Daisy Cutter

SIZE: 22oz
ABV: 8.5%

Half Acre Double Daisy cutter is technically a double pale ale. I think of it as a great showcase of how to balance malt and hops. I understand not everyone likes chewing on a pine tree or feeling like they are chewing on a mixture of grass and grapefruit when they drink an IPA. These people usually complain about American IPAs and arrogantly proclaim they prefer the malty balance of an English IPA. I enjoy an IPA brewed by one of my pasty ancestors too, but they crafted their IPAs out of necessity by utilizing the preservative property of hops to give their beer a better shelf life during transport. The problem is not too many of them have progressed from that. Trust me, I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong. How could they? They created the style. That would be like saying Rodenbach makes an okay Flanders Red. All I’m saying is that I think the direction American breweries have taken IPAs is great, but it can be a lot. This beer is a great American brewed English IPA in my mind, even if that isn’t what it’s called. The malty sweetness compliments the hops instead of drowning it. The hop aroma and flavor are more subtle than usual for hoppy beers at 8% but that seems to be the intention for this beer. A double pale ale that maintains the balance of a regular sessiony pale ale. Weird, I know, another amazing beer from Chicago.

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