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Happy Camper



This is our 32nd BOTW, but it's the first of many BOTW's from the new UpaDowna location!!! It's about time we gave a shout out to a happy camper. Not the nice guy two campsites over from your usual spot, but Santa Fe Brewing Company's IPA Happy Camper. It's no secret that we're fans of the can. They're great for the trail, and pack out easier than carrying in. I don't want to say it was love at first sight, but when we first saw the Happy Camper we knew we found something worth while. It's said to be the king of IPA's and if you doubt it Santa Fe Brewing Co. offers you to take the IPA challenge. They strongly believe that their hoppy IPA with a 6.6% ABV will destroy all IPA challengers. That's a pretty big claim to fame and I'm not necessarily backing it, but it sure won the IPA battle for me yesterday.

Just remember, it's always better to be around a happy camper than a grumpy one.

Happy Birthday Ro! Thanks for all your hard work and being a part of the UpaDowna team! Menikmati, Bunny

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