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SIZE: 6 pack 12oz
ABV: 4.0%

Another mellow Sunday and another mellow beer. This week’s tasty drink is the Hazel Amber Wheat Ale from Uinta Brewing Company. This easy drinker was a relaxing treat for me after handling some over due yard work, and walking the dog. I settled in with some maps and guide books while dialing in some future trips and before I knew it, my glass was empty.

The Hazel pours to a copper toned red with a thin white head. A mild amount of lacing sticks to the glass and matches with the same feel coating on the mouth to the feel. Onto the taste side, hints of coriander and a slight fruity zing are noticeable with a sweet toasty malt character topping it off. the aroma is full of caramel malts and biscuit bready scents. For being one of those “organic” beers, this one doesn’t overpower you with that earthy feel and tone like so many tend to do. The Hazel is a very light drinker with a nice taste, feel, and aroma to it. With a mild AB.V. of 4.0% this is an extremely easy flowing beer that sessions great with a fresh cut of meat right off the grill. A warm day topped off with a pleasant evening, a little reading, and a good beer are great way to close out any weekend. Cheers to all of you friends and Uinta Brewing Company for delivering on the refreshments.



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