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Helle Viking Knife


Materials: Blade-Triple Laminated Carbon Steel. Handle-Curly Birch, Sheath-leather

Dimensions: Overall 81/2 inches, Blade– 43/8inches, Handle– 43/32inches

Weight: 116gm/4.09oz

MSRP: $80

For most backpackers a folding multi tool is the only blade they would carry, however for centuries adventuring souls all over the world carried and used working knives as a main tool in their lives. With that spirit in mind Norse knife company Helle has designed the Viking. The Viking is modeled after the blades used by Vikings in centuries past as their chosen go to tool. This particular recreation was done in 2009 as a fundraiser for an around the world cruise of a Viking long ship. 

Featuring a stout and slightly modeled handle made of beautiful Curly Birch the handle fits nicely in your hand and as you grasp the knife you can feel that the shape of the handle is designed for not only comfort but also for power and stability in a variety of hand positions.

The blade runs the full length of the knife and the tang is peened to a diamond washer to help maintain its hold within the wood handle. The blade itself is quite impressive with it 4mm thickness and rough laminated carbon steel which takes on the look of a well used cast iron pot.

Stout is not quite enough of a descriptor to fully credit the feel and functionality of this knife. I have on occasion been wary of testing other knives because I am afraid I may damage them during the testing, but with the Viking you realize it was made to be used and as soon as you pick it up you simply HAVE to cut things like rope and meat and kindling and what ever may wander into your path.

Since this knife was designed to represent what a working Viking would use with out being too unwieldy it is a compact knife that once you have it in your hands it leaves little to no repositioning room and the blade is just long enough to be useful with not a cm of additional length.  

The sheath is made of genuine leather and holds the knife well. I think they could have done a better job of designing the artwork on the sheath or just to have left it alone all together. It features a loop to fasten the sheath you your belt for ease of carry. Although I don't see too may folks actually using it as intended.

Overall this is a very fine knife that is reasonable priced and should fit into your collection nicely. It is exceptionally crafted and definitely presents as a knife that should be used. I wonder if the handle will hold up to much abuse and I fear that with the wood and steel contracting and expanding at different rates if the handle will on day crack. For me I hope to have this knife for the rest of my life with the intention of passing on to my son and hopefully he will continue the tradition and hand this wonderful and capable tool down to his children as well. 

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