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Here GOSE Nothin’

SIZE: 12 oz can
ABV: 5.2%

This week we have quite the treat for you in this BOTW. I was turned onto this beer at The Ute & Yeti and could not believe how complex this canned wonder was! The Here GOSE Nothin’ comes from Destihl Brewery based out of Bloomington, IL. and with the motto “Support Flavor -Boycott Bland” you better believe they mean it. Cracking the can of this delicious beer I was a bit thrown by what I was experiencing, you see this beer is thin, clean, and crisp, but has some amazing sour notes that seem almost unnatural, but then you get a tiny hint of coriander and a nice earthy finish complemented by sea salt that really makes this complex Gose beer shine. While researching a bit I found some amazing things about this style of beer that has been around since the 16th century!

Originally, Gose was spontaneously-fermented. A description in 1740 stated “Die Gose stellt sich selber ohne Zutuung Hefe oder Gest” (“Gose ferments itself without the addition of yeast”). Sometime in the 1880s brewers worked out how to achieve the same effect by using a combination of top-fermenting yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Gose was delivered, still fermenting quite vigorously, in barrels to the Schänke. It was stored in the cellar with the tap bung closed but the shive hole left open, so that the still-active yeast could escape. Only when the fermentation had slowed to a point where no yeast was emerging from the shive hole, was the Gose ready to bottle. The barrel was emptied into a tank, from whence it was filled into the characteristic long-necked bottles. These were not closed with a cap or cork, but with a plug of yeast which naturally rose up the neck as the secondary fermentation continued. (Wikipedia)

Now that you’ve gotten a bit of history let’s get back to the beer! Here GOSE Nothin pours with a slightly orange hue that is capped with a beautiful white head of tiny effervescent bubbles that really help open up the nose. If you are unfamiliar with Gose style but are a fan of sours this canned delight might be a god beer for you. What I would caution is that this beer has a really tart bite to it that might catch you off guard. And for those that have not discovered sours, this beer is a great way to ease into the style!

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